Who Is The X In REJCTX? Here Are Some Of The New Suspects Blackmailing The Students

Before you start watching REJCTX 2 here are some of the new and some old suspects who might be the villains in the story.

Who's blackmailing the REJCTX?

Who is the X In REJCTX 2
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If you have watched the trailer of REJCTX 2, you know that things are going wrong for all of them again. In fact, a person named X is blackmailing all of them but without telling them the reason behind the threat. In the middle of this, Aarav also finds his lookalike who is a janitor in the school.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for REJCTX 2, You should do that right away! You can watch it here.

1. Officer Rene

Esha Gupta in a still from REJCTX 2
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Officer Rene is a police officer trying to investigate the death of Anushka Rao a student from the school. When Aarav turns up as her main suspect, she shows that she is not afraid to bend the law to get him to confess his crime.

2. Jackie

Jackie from RejctX 2
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He is a lookalike of Aarav but only much older and less attractive. He is a janitor in the school and seems to not have the power to blackmail seven rich students. However, he does have an evil vibe that cannot be ignored.

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3. Yesha

Yesha from RejctX 2
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Yesha is the only other major new entry to the cast of the REJCTX. She is Kiara’s cousin and seems to be quite good friends with the whole gang. However, she has been hurt in love before and she carries her problems into her new school.

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4. Vice-principal Farhan

Sumeet Vyas in REJCTX 2
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The vice-principal Farhan is a friend to the students and is willing to listen to them and offer them advice. However, in the new season, he seems to have a drug problem and he always puts the interests of the school, above the needs for one or two students.

5. Aarav's Father

Aarav's father in REJCTX 2
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As the villain in the first season, he can never be ruled out. especially after we found out that he is alive right in the first episode of the new season. Even though he is far away from the school, this time it is not out of his league to blackmail his son.

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