Why B Tech Is A Nostalgic Trip For Everyone Who Enjoyed College Life To The Fullest!

If you can relate to the characters in B Tech, you had the best time in college.


B Tech revolves around the life of a group of engineering students in Bangalore living their lives the easy way. They’re met with an incident that makes them realize the harsh realities of the world around them. The movie might come across as an easy-going tale about life in college and engineering, but it gradually matures to explore themes of social injustice and communal violence.

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Asif Ali plays the lead in the movie along with Srinath Bhasi, Deepak Parambol, Aju Varghese and Aparna Balamurali. Arjun Ashokan plays the pivotal role of Azaad Mohammed, who gets killed in a terrorist attack in the movie. The movie develops as Azaad’s friends try to find the real culprits behind the attack. The movie is relevant to today’s society and youth, as it brings out every essence of college life while raising a voice against racism.

The movie directed by Mridul Nair, is filled with relatable instances to remember and have a good laugh. Sreenath Bhasi’s character Jojo portrayed every one’s reaction to exams and assignments in college, while Saiju Kurup gave way for a lot of good laughs with his character- who’s on the hunt for a job. The movie is filled with funny anecdotes and carefully crafted one liners that are becoming a part of Kerala’s pop lingua.

Here’s why Asif Ali starrer B Tech is a nostalgic trip for everyone who enjoyed college life to the fullest:

  • The movie revolves around this tight knit gang of friends, who tries to make life interesting out of their rather boring classes and exams. The one liners and anecdotes in the movie will surely take you back to the good old days.
  • B Tech portrays the many happy moments students goes through as they evolve out of their classes and books.
  • B Tech doesn’t limit itself to a college movie as it comments on the many effects of racism and communal violence based on religion.
  • The movie leaves the audience with a wonderful note on friendship and love, mesmerising shots and catchy music.

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