Why Do All Men Cheat? Here’s How The Latest ZEE5 Original Shukranu Tackles This Question

Divyenndu is in love with both Sheetal Thakur and Shweta Basu Prasad in the movie Shukranu. Here's why he felt he could cheat in his relationships.

Meeting An Old Lover

Still from Shukranu with Sheetal and Divyenndu
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Shukranu revolves around the life of Inder who is forced to be sterlized and falls in love with two different women. Inder (Divyenndu) is in love with Aakriti (Sheetal Thakur) first but the relationship doesn’t work out for him. He ends up marrying Reema (Shweta Basu Prasad) after his forced vasectomy and falls in love with her too. Things turn upside down when Aakriti enters his life again.

One of the main reasons Inder cheats on Reema is because he was in love with Aakriti. When he manages to woo Aakriti and impresses her entire family after failing the first time, Inder counts this as an achievement. He chooses to be with his first love that he could never get.

Feeling Cheated On

Divyenndu in Shukranu
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Inder also makes up his mind to be with Aakriti because he believes that his wife Reema is cheating on him. When Reema gets pregnant, Inder is convinced that the child is not his because he has been sterilized. He feels justified in cheating on Reema because she is cheating on him too.

Bored Of The Current Marriage

Still of Divyenndu and Sheetal Basu Prasad in Shukranu
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Inder in Shukranu grows bored of his marriage to Reema. He feels like they are both hiding important things from each other. While Inder hides the fact that he was forced to get a vasectomy, he feels Reema is hiding the fact that she is having an affair with someone else. Inder feels his relationship with Reema is going nowhere, however, he is proved horribly wrong later on.

Sure Of Getting Away With It

Still from Shukranu
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Inder was sure that he could get away by cheating on Reema without getting caught. He was sterilized and will never be able to have kids. Aakriti also was unable to find out Inder’s secret because his best friend Bhanu (Aakash Dadhade) covers up for all his lies. However, he later realises that it will have to commit to one woman.

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