Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Crime Thriller Thiravam Streaming Now On ZEE5

Starring Prasanna, Kaali Venkat, John Vijay and Indhuja, Thiravam is a must-watch for you if you want to binge on a thriller with twists and turns.

Ravi and his daughter

Are you on the hunt for an engaging thriller featuring many of your favourite stars during the lockdown? We have the solution to your problem. Check out Thiravam from ZEE5 featuring spectacular performances from industry A-listers like Prasanna, Kaali Venkat, John Vijay and many more.

This ZEE5 Original series follows the story of Ravi Prakasham, a scientist who invents a formula for bio-fuel. The invention sets his life in jeopardy when a set of international villains tie-up with local goons to profit-seeking industrialists and start a hunt for his life. The enthralling tale of Ravi who tries to hide from these threats is sure to leave you on the edge of your seats waiting for more.

Watch the first episode of ZEE5 original Thiravam here:

Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t miss the thriller, streaming now on ZEE5:

Phenomenal Cast

thiravam ep 5 (1)
A still from Thiravam (Source: ZEE5)

ZEE5 Original Thiravam features a spectacular acting line-up, featuring memorable performances from industry veterans like Prasanna, John Vijay and Kaali Venkat. Prasanna, the seasoned actor, makes his digital debut with the role, showcasing one of his best performance on-screen as the scientist Ravi Prakasham in the series. The show also features a stunning performance from Kaali Venkat and Indhuja who play supporting roles.

Powerful Performance From Prasanna

Ravi learns that his life in danger (2)
Prasanna as Ravi Prakasham

With several memorable moments from the show, Prasanna essays the role of Ravi Prakasham to perfection. He plays the part of a caring father, a scientist on the run and a good friend in the same character. His brilliant on-screen presence gives way to several memorable moments on the screen while he finds a perfect balance in Ravi Prakasham even with the chaos around him. The prominent parts from the likes of John Vijay and Kaali Venkat come across as a bonus while you watch one of the best thrillers out there!

Thrilling Storyline

A stil from Thiravam
A still from Thiravam (Source: ZEE5)

Thiravam follows the life of Ravi Prakasham, a small-time scientist who answers the world’s need for affordable fuel with his invention of extracting fuel from plants. Little does he know that his invention has set free a rumble of chaos that is going to change his life forever. Ravi soon finds himself on the run from corrupt politicians, notorious gangsters and industrialists looking to eliminate him and steal his formula. The story matures when Ravi finds that his invention has turned some of his best friends against him and that he has to do everything he can to save his daughter Meenu’s life.

Will Ravi succeed in bringing his loved ones to safety? Watch Thiravam to find out!

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