Women’s Day Special: Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Ways You Can Treat Yourself On This Occasion

Let go of all the schedules, tasks and guilt. Because you deserve a break. Check out our suggestions on how you can treat yourself well on March 8

Book yourself a spa session

Spa (Source: go to malta)

Dear Ladies, we hope you know that the day of celebration – of ourselves and other women around us – is just around the corner. For all the efforts that go unrecognised and for the times you feel the need to do things, without credit or appreciation, you deserve more than just a pat on the back. On this International Women’s Day, give the one person, who is responsible for everything that you do, some time off – yourself! Here are a few things you can indulge in.

Book yourself a soothing spa session. Hit the ground and soak in all the rejuvenation or simply call for one in the comfort of your house.

A fine-dine date

Fine-dine (Source: Restaurant India)

Indulge yourself in an appetizing brunch, lunch, dinner or all of them. You can treat yourself with anything and everything on the menu. A side note, you can also call over your girlfriends and make it a girls’ day out.

Retail therapy or window shopping

Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy (Source: Engadget.com)

Hallelujah! As we grow older, we understand that happiness can be bought in packages of all sizes and shapes. If that’s what gets you going, this Women’s Day is the time to splurge and make up for all the times you held yourself back. Going bonkers over it isn’t the plan, but it’s always sweet to buy yourself something that you can use, and will ‘spark a joy’ in you.

Luxury staycation

Luxury staycation
Luxury staycation (Source: Pinterest/ITC Bangalore)

Ditch the good ol’ comfort of your house and folks, for a luxury staycation. Most people enjoy treating themselves with a day or two of doing nothing, but eating well-crafted food and lounging on squishy, silky mattresses. We assure you will end up loving it!

Solo trip

Solo Trip
Solo Trip (Source: TravelDesignGroup.com.au)

If all of the above do not ring a bell in your heart, let’s move past that. How about a solo trip? Take a trek to the waterfalls or hike to a mountain-top. Jump off a cliff or hitchhike through your own city.

Cash on the weekend that’s coming to you, as Women’s Day, and make the most of it. If you are looking for something that takes zero effort, here’s another suggestion. Watch the intense political-drama Chadarangam or all your favourite romantic-comedies, right here on ZEE5.