Women’s Day Spl: 4 ZEE5 Originals Featuring A Strong Female Lead You Will Love Watching

For this special day, we bring you a list of Originals with a focus on strong leading characters who are women.

1. The Lovely Mrs. Mookherjee

We are in the year 2020 and yet, encountering a film where the protagonist is a woman with a role of substance, still comes across as a breath of fresh air. In honour of International Women’s Day, we take a look at some of our ZEE5 Originals that aptly fit this bill. Here’s to great cinema that is as progressive as it is entertaining!

The Lovely Mrs Mookherjee is one movie with a sharp, spunky plot that addresses outdated views of patriarchy that are sadly prevalent even today. It opens with a young talented make-up artist meeting her prospective groom. She immediately realises that he’s just looking for someone to take care of all his daily needs so that he can concentrate on pursuing his own dreams (alas, a scenario all too common!). She tells him a story, one of a narcissistic man whose only ambition is to win the Nobel Prize in literature, and who ignores his poor wife who suffers in silence. A tongue-in-cheek reference to her own potential situation, the movie proves to be a stinging commentary on social mores in a very witty way! Swastika Mukherjee plays the wife in the tale, and her performance is truly heart-wrenching in this highly satisfying film.

2. Antarale

This acclaimed original produced by Karthik Subbaraj is not your regular rom-com. Starkly different, Antarale is a thriller with a heavily thought-provoking plot. It centres around a young urban woman whose life is turned upside down when she accidentally kills her husband. What transpires is a series of events that reveals the previously hidden side of everyone involved in this arranged marriage. The film boldly explores the dark side of human nature. Starring Amrutha Srinivasan as the wife, it is refreshing to come across a film where the female lead is neither vilified nor deified, but seen as an individual human being.

3. Saayori

“My name itself signifies the fluidity of these train tracks.” Saayori, featuring Anindita Bose, is the tale of a young, fiercely independent woman who is faced with the not uncommon choice of either abiding by her parents’ wishes and getting married, or forging her own path. A vivacious one with a budding career, Saayori has no particular desire to consider marriage at this stage at all. She even has a boyfriend– Ryan, but of course, he does not align with her parents’ idea of a suitable partner. Will she succumb to societal pressure? Or do her own values and ambition count? Find out in this lovely film that examines a woman’s agency in a world we often take for granted as modern.

4. Kaali

Kaali, the trailblazing series created by Aritro Sen and Rohan Ghosh, is a high-octane drama packed with action. Paoli Dam portrays Kaali, a helpless woman who goes to extreme lengths to protect her son and survive in a brutal world. Life has dealt her a tough hand, and she takes it on headlong with immense grit. Compelling and hard-hitting, this woman’s bravery and sheer spirit serves as inspiration to us all while truly making us empathize with her.

Watch these unique ZEE5 Originals and raise a toast to all the inspiring women who continue to break the mould and pave the way towards a more evolved society!

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