World Poetry Day: 7 Poems By Popular Actors Like Sriti Jha and Sehban Azim That Floored Us

From a poem on LGBTQ rights by Sriti Jha to a heartfelt ode by Sehban Azim to Hindu-Muslim unity, here's a look at some poems and poets of tellywood.

1. Arunoday Singh's poem on Love and Hate

Arunoday Singh's poem on love and hate
Source: Instagram

The UNESCO has declared 21st March ‘World Poetry Day’. The main reason behind celebrating this day is to support the dying art of writing and reciting poetry, and to educate people about the importance of poetry as expression and inspiration. We dug around and found that some of the popular actors on ZEE5 shows and web series have the hidden talent of writing poetry. Here’s a list of some of the favourite poems we found.

Arunoday Singh is a popular actor last seen in the ZEE5 Original Series The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty. he is equally popular as an Instagram poet. He writes poems in English and as much as people enjoy his words, they appreciate his handwriting too. In this poem he explains how love is always better than hate. This poem is apt for the divisive and violent times we are living in.

Watch a sneak-peek of his role in The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty

2. Sriti Jha's poem about a transgendered person

Kumkum Bhagya's Sriti Jha's poem on a transgender person
Source: YouTube

Videos of Sriti Jha, from Kumkum Bhagya, reading her poems have gone viral. She doesn’t shy away from talking about tough issues like LGBTQ rights in her characteristic sweet but strong voice. The poem ‘Chudiyaan‘ is about not following the gender norms and shedding the inhibitions society puts on people to be a certain way.

3. Sehban Azim's poem on Hindu-Muslim Unity

Sehban Azim's Poem on Hindu Muslim Peace
Source: Instagram

Sehban Azim gained popularity with his role as Malhar in Tujhse Hai Raabta. Those who follow him on Instagram would have seen some of his poems too. In this poem, Sehban says how India has been a secular country and quotes examples of Bollywood singer Mohammed Rafi and writer Premchand to prove his point. This is another important poem about unity that speaks the truth of the times we are living in.

4. Karan Jotwani's poem about following your passion

Karan Jotwani from Qurbaan Hua writes a poem
Source: Instagram

Karan Jotwani, seen in the Zee TV shows Qurbaan Hua and Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, is also a writer. He writes about his mental health and admits to using help for his battle with ADHD. In this poem, he talks about staying motivated by doing what your heart is really interested in. Karan’s words will motivate you to start living for yourself.

5. Anjum Fakih's poem for Ruhi Chaturvedi

Anjum Fakih's poem for Ruhi Chaturvedi
Source: ZEE5

Anjum Fakih who plays the role of Srishti in Kundali Bhagya wrote a poem about her co-star Ruhi Chaturvedi (Sherlyn) on the show. Anjum reveals how their friendship today began on a bitter note where Ruhi tried to rag her during her modelling days. She says now that memory is behind them and they are best friends.

6. Arunoday Singh's poem about self-love

Arunoday Singh from The Chargesheet On World Poetry Day
Source: Instagram

Arunoday Singh writes one too many poems about love. He also writes about the importance of self-love. In this poem he explains that the world doesn’t need to understand you and it may never understand you. What matters, he says, is you need to understand and accept yourself.

7. Sriti Jha's poem about loving and liking

Sriti Jha's Poem on Love and Like
Source: ZEE5

Sriti Jha performed this funny poem explaining why she likes to like better than love. This poem became one of her most popular spoken word poems where she mixed smart wordplay with strong expressions.

Bonus: Broken But Beautiful Poem by Priya Malik

Broken but Beautiful Poem by Priya Malik
Source: Instagram

This poem is the right balm for people whose hearts have been broken in love. This touching poem that lasts a little over 3 minutes acknowledges that there is a risk in falling madly in love with anyone. However, it lifts up spirits of people going through heartbreak and tells them that a broken heart can become beautiful again.

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