Wow Wednesday: 5 Films Featuring The Super Stylish Rakulpreet To Liven Up Your Day

We bring five amazing movies on ZEE5, featuring the sexy and sweet Rakulpreet Singh that will surely brighten your day. Check out

Bruce Lee: The Fighter Ft. Ram Charan with Rakul

Rakulpreet In Bruce Lee The Fighter With Ram Charan
Rakul Preet in a scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

We hope the mid-week blues haven’t hit you, yet. If you are fretting it, we have got your back. This Wednesday, making us go “Wow” is none other than the beautiful and smart actor, Rakulpreet Singh. We have listed our top five picks that will surely turn your frown upside down. Check it out.

Our first pick is the action-drama, featuring Ram Charan and Rakul, Bruce Lee: The Fighter. It has well-choreographed action sequences and brilliantly amusing sequences. This film has all the ingredients to keep you entertained. Watch the film here on ZEE5.

Pandaga Chesko Ft. Ram Pothineni with Rakul

Women In Pandaga Chesko
Women In Pandaga Chesko

Next up, Pandaga Chesko starring Ram Pothineni and Rakulpreet is our all-time favourite romance-drama. With Ram’s charming acting chops and Rakul’s quirky character, this film is a big win. Watch the movie here on ZEE5.

Spyder Ft. Mahesh Babu with Rakul

Mahesh Babu And Rakulpreet In A Still From Spyder
Mahesh Babu and Rakul Preet in a still from Spyder (Source: ZEE5)

With Mahesh Babu and Rakul in the lead, Spyder is for the lovers of thrillers and crime dramas. The story is gripping and gets you extremely invested into the plot. Don’t miss this one. Watch the film here on ZEE5.

Loukyam Ft. Gopichand with Rakul

Rakulpreet Singh and Gopichand in Loukyam
Rakulpreet Singh and Gopichand in Loukyam

Yet another romantic-comedy spiced with physics-defying action sequences, Loukyam starring Gopichand and Rakul is something you cannot miss. Watch the film here on ZEE5.

Nannaku Prematho Ft. Jr NTR with Rakul - In Hindi

Rakulpreet Singh and Jr NTR in Nannaku Prematho
Rakulpreet Singh and Jr NTR in Nannaku Prematho

This one is for the fans of Rakulpreet who want to see more of her in Hindi. Here, we have Jr NTR and Rakulpreet’s popular film, Nannaku Prematho, dubbed in Hindi. It will make you smile and cry, with its sentimental plot. Watch the movie here on ZEE5.

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