Wow Wednesday: 5 Films Of Retro Super Star Jaya Prada You Should Watch On ZEE5

Jaya Prada once ruled the silver screen and still reigns over the hearts of millions of people, pan India. During this lockdown, watch these movies.


We’re glad midweek blues aren’t worrisome anymore! The only thing we wonder, in the middle of the week, is about which film we could possibly watch. But hey, we’ve got your back and your blues covered. This week, let’s go back in time again and revisit some amazing films featuring the gorgeous Jaya Prada.

Our first pick is ANR’s Buchibabu. A comedy-drama at its best, this film is when the accomplished Buchibabu returns to India. He plans on marrying his childhood sweetheart, Bujji. In order to impress her parents, before proposing marriage, Buchibabu turns into a househelp at Bujji’s residence. Watch how it all pans out here.

Aaj Ka Arjun

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Prada made for a handsome pairing on the big screen. Their film, Aaj Ka Arjun released in 1990 and is a crime-drama. It is about orphan-siblings named Bhim and Lakshmi. Bhim does the best that he can to his sister. When they grow old, Bhim also marries her off to a well-to-do man named Ajit. But on their wedding night, Bhim sees Ajit stabbing Lakshmi. How would that turn out to be?

Aakhree Raasta

Yet another film with the same pair, along with late iconic actor, Sridevi, Aakhree Raasta is something you wouldn’t want to miss. At one point, David spends time in prison for being falsely accused of his wife’s death. After two-decades, David sets out of the jail and goes directly to hunt down the people who put him behind bars. He is stopped by a man named Vijay, who happens to be his son.


With Jeetendra, Jaya Prada and Vinod Mehra in the lead, Sanjog is a film that will leave you with a wave of emotions. A happy couple, Narayan and Yashoda, begins their married life and find joy in a young boy named Sonu. The turn of events causes Sonu’s death, and this makes Yashoda lose her sanity whilst Narayan turns to alcohol. Will they ever recover?


Finally, we have the unforgettable Maidan-e-Jung starring Dharmendra, Jaya Prada, Dara Singh, Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor. The story is about Datta Guru, a cruel village head who cannot allow anyone else to rise above him. A young and educated Karan returns to his village and does what a sane and moral man would do to help others. But it does not go down well with Datta Guru and he tries to defeat Karan.

Which one do you plan on watching first? Let us know below in the comments section.

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