#WowWednesday: 5 Movies Of Kiccha Sudeep That Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Mid-Week Blues

Here are five movies that you must watch of our very own Kiccha Sudeep to keep yourself entertained this week!

Hebbuli (2017)

A Still Of Kiccha Sudeep In Hebbuli
Source: ZEE5

Get rid of your mid-week blues by watching the very handsome and talented Kiccha Sudeep on screen and get energised. Here are five of his movies that not only show us his acting prowess but also prove why he is a mega star of Sandalwood!

Hebbuli stars Sudeep, V Ravichandran, and the beautiful Amala Paul. The story revolves around captain Ram, who ends up rescuing three doctors, including Dr. Nandini, played by Amala Paul, who then becomes his romantic interest. Things take a turn when Ram receives a letter stating that his brother Sathyamurthy who is also an IAS officer, is dead. This story of Ram investigating the reason for his brother’s death truly keeps the audience on the edge of their seats while the romantic songs will get you in the groove.

Gooli (2008)


If you love action, then Gooli is just the movie for you. The story revolves around Gooli, an uneducated and crass youngster who is considered to be a rowdy. However, Ramya sees an innocent side to him and ends up falling in love with him. Both of them get married in spite of severe opposition from the family. However, not very long after their marriage, the two go separate ways. A beautiful balance between action and intense emotion of love is what makes this film so interesting. Gooli discovers the demise of Ramya, later realising that she has not really died but has been put into a mental asylum. Will the two ever meet? The answer to this question forms the crux of the film.

The Villain (2018)

Kiccha And Shivanna In A Still From The Villain
Source: ZEE5

This film is a must-watch as the two greatest actors of Sandalwood — Sudeep and Shiva Rajkumar — share the big screen. The latter’s dance number with six heroines is a treat to the eyes. The story revolves around Ramu’s efforts to protect Ravana who is actually his brother and reunite him with his mother. There is a perfect amount of action, comedy, and romance in this film and must be watched for the performances delivered by Sudeep as well as Shiva Rajkumar. What forms the crux of the story is how Ramu fulfills his promise of reuniting the mother-and-son duo.

Theerta (2010)

Mr Theerta
Mr Theerta

Narayan, who is a mathematics teacher, wants his son, Theertha, to pursue a career in the subject. However, Theerta, played by Sudeep, wants to pursue Mechanical Engineering. The story sends out a very strong message of how parents should treat their children with respect and allow them to pursue their dreams. Some of the action sequences in the movie are also a treat to the eyes, especially for all the Sudeep fans.

My Autograph (2006)

My Autograph

The movie is about Shankar who runs an advertising agency. Life turns around for him when he decides to go back to his village and relive all the memories of the past. From school to college to the time when he travelled, he comes to realise the important part the women in his life have played. For all you romantic souls out there, My Autograph is a romantic drama that is directed and produced by Sudeep who also stars in the film which makes it even more of a must-watch!

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