Yaadhumaagi Nindraai: Here’s Why Most Women Will Relate To Gayathri’s Character Thamarai

Yaadhumaagi Nindraai premiered on June 19, 2020, on ZEE5. We bring you three seasons to watch this heart-wrenching film. Scroll down.

Yaadhumagi Nindraai

Yaadhumaagi Nindraai is a story about a female background dancer, Thamarai. This directorial venture of Gayathri Raguramm explores Thamarai’s journey from aspiring to be a choreographer, to roadblocks in her career as well as her sexual exploitation in a patriarchal society. Despite all odds, Thamarai manages to emerge a winner in life. There are very few, who are able to fight to achieve their dreams. And this movie is sure to honour those fighters.

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Yaadhumaagi Nindraai is based on true life incidents. As the film talks about a woman’s struggles and achievements, I am sure most women might spare some to watch this film. And here are 3 reasons why we think Yaadhumaagi Nindraai could be your kind of film. Take a look!


There is not a single woman who hasn’t been the victim of the patriarchal order, I could think of. Once in all our lives, we have faced this problem. Due to these patriarchal structures, our access to several resources has remained unequal.  In fact, strong and intelligent women are seen as a problem and disruption to the social order. Things will get only better when the day when this perspective changes. So, when we see that Thamarai going through the same struggle as us in this film, we tend to empathise with her.

Female director

The film has been helmed by Gayathri Raguramm, a female director. And many female movie lovers would find it interesting and inspiring to see a woman behind the camera, especially when she is bringing a female-driven story to the silver screen.

Deals with a sensitive topic of sexual harassment

In the film, Gayathri tells us the journey of Thamarai, who from a background cine dancer goes on to become a dancer at a club in Dubai. We also see the ugly side of the glamour world and how a single woman becomes a victim of sexual harassment. Well, not only in the entertainment industry we see women being sexually exploited in all industries.

As this film shows how Thamarai deals and overcomes such situations, I am sure, Yaadhumaagi Nindraai will hold your interest throughout. Produced by Gayathri and Suja Mohan, Yaadhumaagi Nindraai which was released in 2017, features Gayathri (Thamarai), Sindhu Krishnan (Sophia), Vasanth (Prasad), Latha Balakrishnan (Sumathi) in pivotal roles.

Watch the film now, which has been released on June 19, 2020, on your favourite OTT platform.

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