You Can Watch These Premium Malayalam Movies For Free Exclusively On ZEE5 From Now

Good News for all movie lovers! ZEE5 brings you Kallayi FM, KL Pathu, Crossroad and many more Malayalam movies for free on the platform.


Are you bored of watching the same old movies on TV? ZEE5 is here to help you with the best Malayalam movies to watch for free while you stay indoors. So head on to ZEE5 platform and stream these superhit films for free and enjoy the best of entertainment while you stay home during the lockdown.

Here are the Malayalam movies that you can watch for free on ZEE5 from May 01, 2020:

#1 KL Pathu

Directed by Muhsin Parari, KL Pathu tells the story of a gang of friends trying to find Ahmed, their group member who is in trouble as he elopes with a girl. With Unni Mukundan in the lead, the movie features memorable performances from the likes of Sreenath Bhasi and Saiju Kurup. The movie starts off as a romantic comedy with relatable village characters but soon evolves into a road movie as the group of men chase Ahmed.

#2 Pinneyum


Starring the all-time favourite duet Dileep and Kavya Madhavan, Pinneyum tells the thrilling story of a man accused of murder. The movie directed by Adoor Balakrishnan is loosely adapted from the well known Sukumara Kurup crime story. With thrilling twists and turns, the movie is the perfect watch for you if you love crime-dramas.

#3 Crossroad


Crossroad is a collection of 10 short films following the life of 10 different women. The stories are from different directors with heart-touching storylines and engaging themes. Starring, Mythili, Isha Talwar, Rahul Madhav and Vijay Babu, the movie is a visual treat for all movie lovers.

#4 Minnaminungu


Featuring an award-winning performance Surabhi Lakshmi, Minnaminungu tells the heart-touching tale of a single mother who does odd jobs to raise her daughter. When her daughter wants to move abroad with her boyfriend, the mother struggles to make two ends meet and make a hefty sum for her daughter, thinking that she wants to go abroad for higher studies. You can watch the critically acclaimed movie for free on ZEE5 from May 01, 2020.

#5 Kallayi FM


Directed by Vineesh Millenium, Kallayi Fm tells the story of a man named Radio Koya, an ardent fan of Mohammed Rafi who only plays the legendary singer’s songs on his station. Starring Sreenath Bhasi and Sreenivasan in the lead, the fun-filled movie is based on the real-life tale of a radio repairer named K Hydrose. The story matures when the radio station is challenged by the pop-music following son of Koya. The unconventional story of passion and catchy tracks makes it a perfect watch for a carefree laugh.

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