You Need To Watch Eddelu Manjunatha As It Might Change Your Perspective Towards Life!

The Jaggesh -starrer tells the story of a lazy man who becomes hard-working and changes the way he leads life. Here's why you need to watch it!

Take Away 4 Reasons To Watch Eddelu Manjunatha To Entertain Yourself During The Lockdown

Eddelu Manjunatha revolves around Manjunatha, a lazy man who refuses to earn a living through hard work. However, things turns around when he gets married to a hard-working woman after which he decides to change his attitude towards the way he leads his life.

Screenplay and Direction

Written and directed by Guruprasad, the story’s progression manages to keep you at the edge of your seats as he attempts to turn a relevant and serious issue into a comical one which not only leads to an amazing narration but also an apt placement of sequence of events.


When it comes to comedy, there’s nobody like the comedy king himself, right? Jaggesh, as Manjunatha, has done a commendable job. Not only is his comic timing the highlight of the film, but his transition as a character from lazy to a hardworking one is effortless. He has managed to get into the skin of the character so much so that the audience cannot help but relate to him at some point in the story.


You’d be surprised to know that the film has eight tracks! While they have been perfectly blended into the movie, each track is so catchy that it ought to be stuck in your head! from Aarati Ettire Kall Manjange to Baa Chakori Chandra and also This Is Our Manjunatha, all the songs are a must-listen!


As mentioned earlier, Jaggesh is the comedy king. His effortless comic timing and his facial expressions are the life of the film. The sense of humour is dark but witty and will hit you right in the heart while also creating a sort of empathy for Manjunatha’s character.

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