Rahul Dev On Why He Decided To Play A Role Of Most-Wanted Terrorist In #OperationParindey

Rahul Dev will be seen playing Monty Singh, the mastermind behind one of the most controversial jailbreaks, in Operation Parindey.

Rahul Dev as Monty in Operation Parindey

Charming, manipulative and dangerous, that’s Rahul Dev as Monty for you in till then, watch the latest Originals and movies now streaming on ZEE5.. The upcoming ZEE5 Original film stars Rahul as the mastermind behind one of the most controversial jailbreaks. The #24HourChase features Amit Sadh as STF officer Abhinav Mathur who along with his team is chasing down Monty and co. In an exclusive interview, Rahul expressed why he chose to do a negative role despite having played many in the past.

The 51-year-old explained reasons for taking up Operation Parindey, “One was respect for the filmmaker, colleague and a friend, Sanjay Gadhvi. He is one of the nicest people I have met. I genuinely mean it and not just because he has directed the movie. Secondly, the script on a writing level, not the screenplay, the premise, I thought it was very interesting. It was like a drama, a prison break happens and the cops are then chasing the criminals so on and so forth, in terms of my character I am saying. The other thing is when you have done a lot of negative roles, a lot of times you get cliched, cardboard-ish characters. This character has depth, I don’t know how they wrote it but I wanted to keep it very subtle. That was very interesting for me. What I liked about it was I didn’t have make big eyes, point a gun or admonish anyone…I am not doing dishoom dishoom in the film. There is sense of maturity within the character and that’s how I felt should be interpreted.”

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He further added, “When you see Monty on the screen, people will perceive their way. The look is very interesting, wearing a turban and all. What also helped me a lot was Sanjay is Gujarati, the writer is from down South, and I am from Delhi originally, what is easy for me is to speak in the Punjabi dialect. Wo pehen lo na pagdi, aadmi waise he sher sa hojata hai, wo feeling aati hai waisi. And I spoke a lot of Punjabi. If you see the look, uske saath wo Hindi bolna, feel nahi aati. I received a lot of warmth on the sets from the people of Bhatinda. Operation Parindey was very special, it will always be special for me.”

Rahul, in his words, is creatively “very happy with Operation Parindey!”

Final Coast and Fluence Studios (an arm of CA Media) along with associate producers Roll Kamera Motion Pictures have produced the film. Operation Parindey starts streaming on ZEE5 from 28 February 2020. Stay tuned for more exclusive dope about the film!

Till then, watch the latest Originals and movies now streaming on ZEE5.