ZEE5 Original Series Topless Review: Action-Packed Heist Comedy & Perfect Weekend Binge

One nude painting, three interested parties and disaster lurking around the corner. This comedy of errors is a cleverly crafted laughter riot.

topless main pic

ZEE5 has come out with a new original series called Topless, that is aptly self-titled as a comedy heist. The story is that of an art heist that goes horribly wrong – for the interested parties that is. Nobody knows why so many people are interested in an old nude painting that is supposed to bring bad luck to its owner. Yet that is exactly what happens. Three parties are interested in this painting and race each other through the series with only one objective – acquiring the painting at all costs. But not everybody wants it for the same reason.

Watch the trailer of Topless here.

At the outset itself, the stage is set to suggest that this would be a comedy of errors. The first episode features four washed-up robbers with code names – Base, Straight, Left and Right, each with different areas of expertise, but quite unsuccessful in their chosen careers. There is a flash-back to an earlier bank robbery job that went wrong thanks to the team bungling it up – the chemist took too long to break the lock, the muscle man got greedy in trying to gather more money and the techie and getaway driver got into a tussle, resulting in their boss getting arrested.

topless gangsters

A separate episode is set aside for the introduction of Helena, a British woman who is also here to acquire the painting. Her reasons are personal and she comes from a perfectly respectable background, but it´s clear that she is willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the painting, including a little side deal with the auctioneer. In this episode, we are introduced to the other characters who come into contact with her –gangster twins, Johnny and David, played by Arun Alexander (who played the role of Babu in Kolamaavu Kokila). Johnny is a gang leader, cold and calculative, and David his coke-snorting twin brother who is unpredictable to the point of being funny. Alexander does a beautiful job of switching between the two roles.

The introduction of Helena

Then comes politician Kalki played by Guru Somasundaram (of Jigarthanda fame). The episode on Kalki opens with a crowd gathered outside his house, shouting slogans against him and burning effigies in his name. There´s a talk show, where Kalki goes overboard in emphasising that women should dress conservatively. The show ends with disastrous consequences and a video of it goes viral. Kalki also shows no hesitation in using violence. Clearly not the kind of man who would interested in acquiring a nude painting. So why is he chasing it? Watch the series to find out.

politician kalki

The last few episodes are when all the action happens as the painting keeps shifting into different hands. Loyalties change, more bungling happens when one of the gangs crashes a house party at the wrong house to rob the painting. Topless is a laugh riot waiting to be cracked over the weekend.

Director Dinesh Mohan can pat himself on the back for a job well done because he promised a comedy heist for his debut on the OTT platform and he has delivered just that. Right from eccentric characters to hidden agendas to disaster lurking around every corner, Topless will keep you glued to the screen, grinning from ear to ear.

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